In the majestic setting of the Gran Sasso mountains, in the Italian Apennines, an astonishing feat came to life when Valeria Correa, an exceptional Chilean athlete, secured a silver medal in the Vertical Kilometer of the World Skyrace. This achievement not only places Valeria at the top of Chilean sports history, but also establishes her as one of the most prominent figures in the field of skyrunning at a continental level.

Valeria is no newcomer to the skyrunning scene. Less than two months ago, she achieved victory in the South American Vertical Kilometer and the 41 km Sky Race in Brazil, cementing her position as a tireless and successful athlete. But its history of triumphs goes beyond the borders of South America.

Before her outstanding performance in Italy, Valeria had already left her mark at the Trailrunning World Championship held in Austria, where she was positioned as the sixth best South American and number 75 in the world ranking. However, this achievement was only the prelude of what was to come.

At the South American in Brazil, Valeria demonstrated her skill and dedication by taking first place, securing a coveted spot to participate in the Skyrace Junior World Championship in Italy. It was in Gran Sasso where Valeria wrote an indelible chapter in her career by achieving the silver medal in the challenging Vertical Kilometer.

But Valeria is not only an outstanding athlete, but also a valuable part of the Mountaineering Federation and the Chilean Skyrunning Team. His commitment and dedication inspire his colleagues and all those who follow his career. We are extremely proud to be official partners of these teams and to be able to support them in each of their exciting challenges.

Valeria Correa's story reminds us that the spirit of improvement and passion for sport can take us to unsuspected heights. His silver medal in the Skyrace World Championship Vertical Kilometer is a testament to his hard work, determination and love of the mountains. Valeria, with her indomitable spirit, invites us to dream big and conquer our own personal peaks.